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    Angelic Number Sequences
    Number Sequences for the Timed Therapies part of the LIFE System

    What These Numbers Mean — Learn how to enter them into the LIFE

    The following frequencies below are from Doreen Virtue’s book: Healing With the Angels: Doreen has many good books on Angels and Archangels. If you like this, I suggest you buy the book. It’s available online from Amazon.

    Beyond these frequencies, there are 20 more pages of what certain number combinations can mean for you. It’s a valuable book for a healer to own.

    If you keep seeing these number sequences in your life, this is what they mean.

    Also, you can enter these frequencies into your LIFE System, and then run them, to add to the strength of your life.

    111 – Means to MONITOR YOUR THOUGHTS CAREFULLY. Think only about what you WANT, not what you don’t want. This sequence will help you to Open a Gate of Opportunity… for yourself, or a client, or a family member. The effect of running this frequency? It means that the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form.

    222 – Means your newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them and soon they will push through the soil. Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming and visualizing.

    333 – Means: “The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love and companionship.” Call upon them often. This means Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Yogananda, and many others.

    444 – This means: The Angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. There is no need to worry… because the Angels’ help is nearby.

    555 – This means: Buckle your seatbelts, because a major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative”… since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.

    666 – This means that your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. Like the famous “Sermon on the Mount,” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, knowing that your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result.

    777 – This means that The Angels applaud you – congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know that your wish is coming true. This is an extremely positive sign and means that you should also expect more miracles to occur.

    888 – This means that a phase of your life is about to end, and this is a sign to give you forewarning so that you can prepare. This number sequence may mean that you are winding up an emotional career, or a relationship phase. It also means that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It also means don’t procrastinate making your move, or enjoying the fruits of your labor.

    999 – This means Completion. This is the end of a Big Phase in your personal or global life. Also it is a message to Lightworkers involved in Earth healing, and means: “Get to Work because Mother Earth Needs you Right Now!

    000 – This means, and is a reminder, that You Are One with God, so to Feel the Presence of your Creator’s Love Within You. Also, it is a sign that a situation has gone full circle.

    Next, I will show you WHERE, and HOW, to enter these numbers into your LIFE System.

    And adding Point Zero (333.0) This puts it into the Hz number sequence family.

    Each of the above numbers can be used on your LIFE System by entering the numbers into the Timed Specific Panel of your LIFE System. Click New, Click Clear, Click into Item Name (name the frequency), Click into the Frequency column and Enter the Number i.e. 555.0 (Hertz frequency range), Add any descriptions into the next column.

    Let us know about your experience with the Angelic Number Sequences. Enter comments, questions or testimonials below.

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