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    An acupuncture technique to help the body adjust to any of the seasonal changes, done on or near the equinox’s is to add Spleen 20 to a general tune-up session.


    Evan Schulte

    Hi Barbara, Thank you for sharing Spleen 20 for season adaptation to be administered around the time of the Equinox. This year (2016) the fall equinox is on Thurs. Sept. 22. The following equinox for Spring is Sun. March 20, 2017. I find this to be a fascinating subject, as it is not addressed with traditional medicine and most alternative health practices. I am interested in researching eating menus for the seasons and sharing that information with clients to help them be more in tune with the natural food cycles along with adjusting to weather changes. I will share more information soon. Lotus LIFE Associates, please feel free to join in the conversation, if you have had experiences with weather adjustments with clients and what worked for your sessions. -Evan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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