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    Evan Schulte

    There are so many implants that are put into human bodies these days! You may have clients that have implants, outside of the restricted pacemaker arena… How do we know if the LIFE System is suitable to connect them? The following is an email response that you may use to respond to clients. It helps us all to move forward in this investigation. Do know that metal implants are fine, Harrington rods, screws, etc. Although I have a few clients that can feel the subtle frequencies of the LIFE System slightly vibrating the metal implants. It’s the electrically based implants that we need to be aware of. Please post any feedback that you find on the subject, specific implants, ports, etc. This is not something to experiment with. Exercise caution. You always have the option of metaspace and the client can still come to your office.

    Email reply on implants:
    The only contraindication with the LIFE System is to not connect the harness to anyone with a pacemaker. However, there are many different types of devices now out on the market. We cannot be of the authority to answer the question for these types of implants. It would be wise to ask around in the medical arena, for instance asking the doctor or device representative. Please be aware that it is possible that they may not know the answer either. Patients should be notified for all contraindications of devices, but they are not always told, so it’s still good to play it extra safe.

    My best suggestion is to ask the doctor for any contraindications with the device in relation to electrical stimulation. In addition, contact the manufacturer of the device. Perhaps find out the manufacturer of the device and contact them directly or research the device on the internet.

    The LIFE System program works with subtle energies. In the USA it is not a medical device, it is a biofeedback device for stress reduction. A system like a tens device would have much more voltage going through it then the LIFE. That would be an example of an electrical device that is more commonly known to compare it to when describing your question to a doctor.

    That being said, the safest way to work with a person who has implants is to run them in metaspace (without the harness). Metaspace is a highly effective method for stress reduction. We have instances of clients who for one reason or another, be it a pacemaker or extreme electrical-energetic sensitivity come in person to be present with the biofeedback session without the harness and only connect in the metaspace mode.

    If you do come across any information on the subject, please let me know or post it here, so we can share it with more LIFE practitioners. Thank you!

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